Insights and Analysis

Easily analyze and visualize your data. Dealtale’s native business intelligence layer lets you choose from our analyst-proof list of dashboards or build your own. In addition, quickly get the numbers you need or slice-and-dice your data any way you want to support data-driven decisions in your organization.

Out-of-the-box Dashboards

Get started with our ready-made dashboards designed by our expert analyst to cover the most common questions. Get up and running with insights quickly and track your performance across online advertising, web analytics, sales and customer success.


Customize your dashboards by adding and removing charts, changing date ranges and filtering your data on geographic location, channel, campaign and more. Our dashboard customization is easy and fast and requires absolutely no technical knowledge.


Communicate your data visually with over 20 kinds of charts and data visualizations. Simple or complex data, Dealtale’s charting capabilities are ready for the challenge, so that you find the best way to explain your insights.

Custom SQL

Ask any question and query about your data with SQL. Join tables, create custom calculations and build metrics, you have the full freedom to query anything you want.

Export and Share

Need to share your insights? Create a link to your data or export the raw data into CSV easily, so that you can send it to other members of your team.

Why Dealtale

Do you have rich data but poor insights? The challenge is that your data is spread across advertising platforms, SaaS tools, emails, your CRM and more. Each has its own reporting, but getting rich insights and intelligence across the customer journey becomes an impossible task.

Dealtale is the only platform that connects, collects and warehouses your customer data and provides a cutting-edge business intelligence layer for a fraction of the cost of traditional tools.

Your Benefits

Every Journey, Every Touchpoint—At Scale

Analyze thousands of customer journeys with our powerful big data analytics platform to optimize your advertising, content, user experience, emails, sales process and customer engagement. Scale what’s working and eliminate what’s not—with unfettered access to data.

Back Every Decision with Data

Answer any question with rigorous analysis—in an instant. What’s the impact of your latest webinar? Is your new blog post affecting the likelihood to close deals? Now you don’t have to guess. You know.

Monitor Performance

Proactively manage performance across your funnel to address issues quickly—before they make an impact. Identify drops in advertising performance, creative fatigue, UX issues or support challenges with one platform.

Measure Your Impact

Make everyone in your organization data driven by setting and tracking specific KPIs. Measure how your team impacts customer engagement, conversions and satisfactions, and influences the bottom line.

"Dealtale gives me deep visibility into my lead generation campaigns to understand what is working and scale."

Jolene Amit, VP Marketing,

"Using Dealtale we were able to easily get actionable insights that made a real impact on our business."

Nira Mayorchik Sheleg, Founder & CEO,

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