Dealtale’s Platform

Data Connections and ETL

Bring all of your data into one location. Dealtale connects to your acquisition and advertising channels, email accounts, marketing automation platforms, CRM and more to create a central location to all of your data. We then normalize the data and make it ready for analysis—automatically.

Data Storage

Dealtale stores your business critical data in one single location, so that it is ready for analysis. Our technology collects data in a level of granularity that provides insights unavailable before. It’s reliable, blazing fast and structured to give you the insights that you need—when you need them.

Insights and Analysis

Easily analyze and visualize your data. Dealtale’s native business intelligence layer lets you choose from our analyst-proof list of dashboards or build your own. In addition, quickly get the numbers you need or slice-and-dice your data any way you want to support data-driven decisions in your organization.

How It Works

Start getting insights in a few clicks


Dealtale automatically collects event-level data from your advertising platforms, marketing automation, website, CRM, support and more.


Data is cleaned, structured and made ready for analysis— automatically.


Dealtale populates your dashboards, so you can start analyzing your data immediately, or use our BI platform to slice-and-dice your data any way you want. Easy!

"Dealtale gives me deep visibility into my lead generation campaigns to understand what is working and scale."

Jolene Amit, VP Marketing,

"Using Dealtale we were able to easily get actionable insights that made a real impact on our business."

Nira Mayorchik Sheleg, Founder & CEO,

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