Dealtale’s Technology

Making insights accessible to everyone requires strong infrastructure. Our unique and proprietary technology helps transform data into insights in record time and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. How do we do that?

Unique set of ETLs and proprietary technology collects raw data at a granular level, ready for analysis

We process the data, restructure it for analysis and use AI to standardize it. Dealtale transforms unstructured into structured data and makes it insights ready.

Strong BI capabilities

Dealtale provides a flexible and fast BI platform, so that you can visualize anything in seconds. Start from our existing, comprehensive dashboards or query any question to get immediate insights.

Analyze customers across the journey

 Using our unique AI technology, Dealtale identifies your customers’ touchpoints at scale, allowing you to get unprecedented visibility into the customer decision process.

Unstructured into structured data

Data such as emails, social comments, chat and customer reviews are unstructured and very hard for analysis and monitoring. Dealtale’s built-in AI transforms any textual data into structured data based on sentiment analysis and topic modeling.

How It Works

Start getting insights in a few clicks


Dealtale automatically collects event-level data from your advertising platforms, marketing automation, website, CRM, support and more.


Data is cleaned, structured and made ready for analysis— automatically.


Dealtale populates your dashboards, so you can start analyzing your data immediately, or use our BI platform to slice-and-dice your data any way you want. Easy!

"Dealtale gives me deep visibility into my lead generation campaigns to understand what is working and scale."

Jolene Amit, VP Marketing,

"Using Dealtale we were able to easily get actionable insights that made a real impact on our business."

Nira Mayorchik Sheleg, Founder & CEO,

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